Group Classes Are Back!

At Dog Gone Smarter, we offer several different group training classes. If you have questions or need help, just fill out a Behavioral Evaluation form (find the purple box below) and we will reach out to help you find the best training for you and your pup.

If you have a puppy that needs to learn the ropes, our basic Puppy Obedience Training Class is the best place to start. Puppy classes are $395 per level. Level 1 classes consist of six weekly one hour group sessions with our Behaviorist and with our Dog Trainer.

A Dog Gone Smarter

Small Groups
3 -6 per class

For those of you with slightly older pups that may have missed their puppy training, we offer adult group obedience classes. These classes are taught by our Behaviorist, with the help of a Professional Dog Trainer, and are also limited to 5 students per class.

As with the puppy group classes, our level 1 group obedience classes are $395 and meet weekly for six weeks (see class schedule below).

In order to enroll in any of our classes, you will first need to fill out a Behavioral Evaluation form and schedule an Evaluation with our Behaviorist.

Once your pup is Group Class Approved by our Behaviorist, we will need a copy of your pup’s vaccination records to get him registered for classes!

For pups with behavioral problems, we recommend our Behavioral Training classes PLUS individual sessions with our Behaviorist.

Schedule your Behavioral Evaluation today and let us put together a training program just for you.

These specialized group behavioral training classes are the perfect solution for slightly fearful, play aggressive or poorly socialized pups.

When coupled with private sessions with our Behaviorist and Dog Trainer, Group Behavioral Classes will help your pup behave better at the park, be more self controlled at the veterinarian’s office, and improve his overall deference, confidence and impulse control.

Our Behavioral Group Classes can be added to any Behavioral Training Package. See our Rates and Services page for more details or ask us for more information!

12 Week Syllabus

BELOW is a sample of our exclusive 12 week Obedience Course Workbook


Upcoming Group Classes

P001Puppy OBApril 1st | 8am1Full
A001Adult OBApril 2nd | 8am1Full
P002Puppy OBApril 15th | 10am1Full
A002Adult OBApril 16th | 10am1Full
P003Puppy OBApril 29th | 8:30am1Full
P004Puppy OBApril 30th | 11:30am1Almost Full
B001BehavioralMay 6th | 8am1Open
A003Adult OBMay tbd 20231Open
P005Puppy OBMay 13th1Open
A004Adult OBMay 27th1Open
*Subject to change without notice. Contact us for details.
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Group Obedience Training Packages

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