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All of our training is based on real world experiences and takes place out there in the real world!

H.M. Terpenning Tualatin Valley Recreation Complex

15707 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton OR

The Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Complex (THPRD) is an amazing 92-acre complex visited by more than half a million people each year.

The complex includes five softball fields, five multipurpose fields for soccer, football and lacrosse, two baseball fields, skate parks, a hockey rink, basketball courts, a swimming pool and 10-acres of natural area complete with beautiful winding walking trails.

North Lot

We train our clients throughout this complex. Your first several training sessions will be held here. Unless otherwise instructed, you will first meet your trainer in North Lot. Our trainer will look for you outside your vehicle near the shaded map area below.

When parking is limited, Lots A, B, C, D, and the North lot are excellent for overflow parking.

North Lot

A good choice for when the other lots are full, the North Lot is huge and happens to also be where our group classes meet.

Group Classes

Access the North Lot of 158th Ave and the traffic light at Blueridge Drive. Park anywhere in the North Lot (suggested areas in yellow) and meet your group class across from the Hockey Rink in the grove of trees adjacent to the skateboard park (i.e., “Meet Here” in the map below.

What’s happening at Terpenning Park this week…

AmberGlen Park

AmberGlen Park
1600 NE AmberGlen Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR

AmberGlen Park North is a beautiful 14-acre park located near Whole Foods Market and Macy’s off Cornell in Hillsboro. It hosts a lovely duck pond, large fields and a small amphitheater.

Hondo Park & Tonkin Field

Hondo Park
4499 NE Century Blvd,
Hillsboro, OR

We often meet at Hondo Dog and Tonkin Field. We always suggest parking across from Hondo Park inside Gate B of Tonkin Field.

The only exception to Gate B is when Tonkin Field is hosting at home games for the Hillsboro Hops. Then the stadium charges for parking, so your best bet is to try parking across the street at Hondo Park.

Hillsboro Sports Complex and Fairgrounds

Hillsboro Fairgrounds
810 NE 28th Ave,
Hillsboro, OR

The Hillsboro Sports Complex and Fairgrounds is another great training location.

Meet on the east side in the Fair Complex / Hillsboro Airport parking for Trimet.

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