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At Dog Gone Smarter LLC, we offer a variety of training packages to suit you and your pup’s individual needs.

First step, is to fill out one of our Behavioral Evaluation Forms.

Next, pre-pay and schedule a private in-home Behavioral Evaluation for your dog with our Behaviorist! It’s only $75 and lasts about 30 minutes. You’ll learn a ton!

You will get a better understanding of your pup’s emotional and mental health, as well as a clear Training Roadmap.

Second step, meet with our Behaviorist and have your pup’s behavior professionally evaluated. Discuss the behavioral issues you have witnessed and better understand your pup’s behavior and its long-term consequences.

Our Behaviorist will then discuss your pup’s behavioral and training needs and match those up with an appropriate training plan.

Our Behaviorist will advise you on an appropriate training package that aligns with your goals and your dog’s needs.

Our Behaviorist will also consider your personal and family dynamics, as well as your budget and lifestyle to best determine which training package is best for you.

Third step, pick a training package, look into financing options if needed, and request an invoice to schedule your first training sessions today!

New 2024: Group Classes!

Enrollment Now CLOSED

Enrollment is now closed. Puppy and Adult Dog Training Classes.

Our classes are semi-private, which means more focused attention for you and your pup. Ask us for more details today!

Based on 8 reviews
Yvette Bohanan
Yvette Bohanan
August 13, 2022.
Erik and Anthony are wonderful! Erik has been an immense help in training our pup, Enzo. Enzo is calm, well behaved on walks with us - and has developed strong recall skills. Both Erik and Anthony are super-dependable, which has been incredibly helpful when we are working from home.
Natalie Vaughn
Natalie Vaughn
July 19, 2022.
Erik and Anthony are wonderful with my dogs. They show compassion and kindness with their dog training.
Jenn Sull
Jenn Sull
June 14, 2022.
I highly recommend Erik at Dog Gone Smarter! I got a sweet Mastiff/Pitbull rescue dog named Tucker almost three years ago and I had taken him to training classes and worked with him a lot. He was good, but still had a lot of anxiety around walks, the doorbell, riding in the car and meeting other dogs. I saw Erik's sign near Tanasbourne and called. I was a little frustrated with how my dog, Tucker, was behaving and Erik could tell. Erik took the lead (pun intended) and really started working with Tucker and I noticed improvements right away. There were steps forward and then back, but Tucker is such a different dog now and it's only been a few months. Erik is kind, calm, a good leader, he is a great teacher and explains how my dog is thinking to help me understand how to be a better pack leader for my dog. We are working on Tucker in the car now and lowering his stress (and my stress) so that Tuck can enjoy going places. I can't say enough good things about Erik. He is punctual, a good communicator, and most importantly he understands dogs and their humans and is able to help them both. I might have been more of a mess when I first met Erik than my dog was, but Erik helped Tucker and gave great, kind, helpful guidance to me, too. You can't find a better dog trainer out there.
Michelle Deazley
Michelle Deazley
June 14, 2022.
I have a wonderful rescue dog that needs to learn to trust strangers. The training she has received has been gentle and kind. She has already started showing a level of trust and calm I wasn't sure I'd ever see in her after only a few lessons. Highly recommend!
Natalie Vaughn
Natalie Vaughn
June 11, 2022.
Anthony and Erik are great with the dogs. They are very helpful.
Minda S
Minda S
June 10, 2022.
I have a 6 month standard poodle /Malinois mix who is super smart playful and full of energy. We needed some help with training I was referred to DonegoneSmarter. Anthony and Eric are awesome trainers they provided our pup with the training that will shape him into an amazing dog. We have seen so much improvement in the last few weeks it is helping our daily walks easier and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend!!!
Jenn Ruth
Jenn Ruth
March 24, 2022.
Erik is fantastic with my dog. He has helped me so much in training my dog, Colt and I wish I had used his services much sooner. Erik has made both of us more more confident and strengthened our bond. It doesn't feel like a chore to walk him anymore. I would definitely suggest Erik to anyone out there. Thank you Erik!!!
Anthony Rivas
Anthony Rivas
March 20, 2022.
I’ve watched Erik take a large Rottweiler from a state of fear and aggression barely restrained by his owner - to a calm, relaxed on-his-back puppy in less then 15 minutes. The owner - Erik, is a true dog whisper! And he does it all with a look, a whisper and few soft spoken gestures. Dog Gone Smarter is truly amazing!

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