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Schedule Your Dog’s Behavioral Evaluation

Fill out a Behavioral Evaluation for your dog by clicking the clipboard image below.
We will reach out to you (usually within 24 hours) to schedule a consultation with our Behaviorist!

The Behavioral Evaluation will take approximately 30 minutes. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Our Behaviorist will discuss your training goals with you and advise you as to which training package would be most appropriate for you and your dog.

All Behavioral Evaluations are performed at H.M. Terpenning Park.

All of our services are prepaid. Our Behavioral Evaluation with our Certified Dog Behaviorist is $75. It is worth every penny, and you will learn a lot about your dog and the training options that will help you reach your behavioral goals!

Once you decide to schedule your evaluation, we will send you an invoice via QuickBooks. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal (by request).

Click for Behavioral Evaluation Form

Select Your Training Package

Take a look at our Dog Gone Smarter Rates & Services page for details on our training packages. Discuss options with our Behaviorist during your dog’s Behavioral Evaluation, and feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Rates and Services click here

Schedule Training Sessions

Now that you have decided to move ahead (how exciting), it’s time to schedule your first few training sessions! Scheduling is easy, just text us your availability and we will get you scheduled.

Trainable Weather | Cancellation Policy

We may need to reschedule appointments due to extreme weather conditions such as heat (temps in excess of 90 degrees), an AQI above 100 (e.g. smoke), Ice/Snow/Hail and other weather events that may adversely impact your dog’s trainability or our safety.

We ask that you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice when you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Thank You for your consideration.

DGS Business Hours

Wed – Fri8am – 4pm
Sat – Sun8am – 3pm
*Hours will adjust based on available daylight.*

Preparing For Your First Session

Here is a quick run-down of suggested training supplies such as leashes and collars and other miscellaneous items that will make your training sessions even better.

A Martingale Training Collar

We recommend our clients purchase a no-slip collar such as a Ruffwear Martingale or Hybrid Martingale collar available on Amazon and often in stock at your local Mud Bay.
Please Note: We suggest that you avoid unfamiliar brands of collars (available on Amazon and elsewhere), as they may prove to be unreliable. Discuss options with your Behaviorist or Trainer.

Two Training Leashes

We recommend that you purchase a quality 6′ dual handle leash, and one all weather Biothane 15′ – 20′ long lead. We recommend buying a Kong 6′ leash from Petsmart and a Biothane leash from either J&J Dog Supplies ( or

Please Note: Unfortunately, quality Biothane leashes are often out of stock. Order early, as you may need to wait several weeks for your leash to arrive.
AVOID buying unknown brand name Biothane or Nylon leashes on Amazon – they often are of poor quality and contain rivets that may break.

Miscellaneous Items

Bring towels to clean your dog’s paws when it rains. You will also want water for yourself and your dog, as well as sunscreen, sensible shoes and appropriate clothing for when you join the training session.

You should also buy several really excellent treats. We suggest 100% natural single ingredient treats from trusted brands such as Vital Essentials, Northwest Naturals, Icelandic, and K9 Naturals.
Avoid dog treats with three of more ingredients, or with ingredients such as glycerin or “natural flavorings.”

Your First Training Session

Getting ready for your first training session is exciting! Your first few training sessions will likely be drop-off training sessions, where you will simply bring your dog to the park and hand him to our Behaviorist or Dog Trainer for training.
Our sessions are approximately 50 minutes in duration.
Please note: Highly reactive dogs may require shortened initial training sessions.

Car Safety

Please bring your dog to each session while safely tethered to the rear seat or hatch area of your vehicle. All dogs should be tethered with a secure harness during transit. Do not tether your dog to his collar during transit, as this could result in severe injury.

Park Safety

Please do not off-leash your dog at any time during an outdoor Dog Gone Smarter training session or while at Terpenning Park (Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Center) or other parks where off-leash dogs are prohibited.

When you arrive for a training session, we suggest that you park a few spaces away from our Behaviorist and/or Professional Trainers – as they may be working with aggressive or fearful dogs just prior to or after your training session.

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Where We Train


For more information on where we train, please click above image.

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