LIMA Dog Training

What is it?

LIMA stands for Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive and is a set of principles that guide Humane dog training that focuses on effective tactics, interventions and strategies without the use of punishment or negative reinforcement.

LIMA Principles

Only the dog determines what is reinforcing.

The focus is on the dog’s experience, absent the trainer’s personal bias or experience.

Training approach must be ethical, consistent, systematic and focused.

Systematic Problem Solving

LIMA focuses on:

  1. Identifying a Specific Target Behavior
  2. Understanding the Purpose of the Behavior
  3. Understanding the Consequences that maintain the Behavior

As a LIMA Professional Dog Consultant, I advocate the elimination of abusive, poorly applied, and inhumane use of negative reinforcement. This includes negative reinforcement, aversive punishment, overly-restrictive management and inhumane confinement strategies.

Erik Muenker

Professional Dog Training Consultant
Master Dog Trainer

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